IREU Centre for Human Resources and Industry Interface

Academic-Research Program Partnered
Advanced Centre for Human Resources and Industry Interface, India Office
Established 2000, is into Research and Academic work, related to Higher Education and bridge gap between the Industry-Institute. Over One decade, the Centre has taken several Consultancy, Research Project and Reports along with Coaching and Mentoring for New Age Careers. During the tenure at one of the Management Department, the Centre Director ( designated as Vice President ) undertook and organised series of talks by Corporate honcho, and Invited around 80 Talks by CEO, Vice President, Director, Chairman and Presidents of various MNC’s. This was the record of having such talks in bridging Industry-Institute gap, and addressing the much needed Corporate readiness


  • Design the Institute life around Industry Experience


  • Prepare Academic Institute gain Industry Experience
  • Practical Understanding of Working of Corporate through Collaborations
  • Connect and Bridge Gap in Industry-Institute and build Robust Interaction framework


  • Knowledge Series and Dialogue Forums
  • Webinar and Series of Debate and Discussions
  • Working Papers and Research based knowledge creation


  • Reached Leadership and Decision Making Executives in Corporate
  • Designed Academic Program based on feedback and Interaction outcome
  • IREU Forum for Next Generation, thus, Academic-Executives on same page/platform
  • Board of Academic Advisors for Academic program of IREU in place